June Transform Tour 2024

June Transform Tour

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Since the launch of OpenAI’s GPT service, organizations have been scrambling to integrate AI. In our June Transform Tour, taking place on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, we will discuss how GPU Computing and AI Assistants are revolutionizing tech and business.

In the rapidly evolving Intelligence era, transformation has become imperative, and AI stands as a catalyst for accelerating this process. Our panel of executives will delve into how they are driving enterprise transformation and harnessing the power of AI. From the GPU revolution, poised to redefine computing devices, to the rise of Intelligent Assistants tailored for various roles, our discussions will illuminate key trends, technologies, and strategies for enterprises to navigate and leverage these transformative forces. Join us virtually to explore the future of enterprise computing and gain insights into gaining a competitive edge through AI integration.

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With so much going on in the Intelligence era, transformation is the battle cry and now AI can help to speed up transformation. Join our panel of executives to discuss how they are transforming their enterprise and leveraging AI.

Our expert panelists:

  • Jill Huselton, VP of Product Marketing at Vbrick
  • Eric Hanson, Chief Marketing Officer at Mitel

The GPU era is here – and nearly every computing device in the future will leverage GPUs. The reason for this shift is simple – GPUS are better equipped to process larger amounts of data (image, voice, video, and text) than CPUs. 

In this presentation, VP of Research, Betsy Burton and CEO, Jim Lundy discuss the future of enterprise computing. 

Key issues to be discussed:

  • What are the key trends driving the shift to GPUs?
  • What are the technologies that will matter in the GPU Era?
  • What are the key steps for enterprises to take to prepare for the GPU Revolution?

The rise of Intelligent Assistants is here and with that comes the need to tune them for users and their jobs. Aragon has identified five key roles enterprises should focus on when selecting and deploying Intelligent Assistants.

In this presentation, Analyst Adam Pease and CEO, Jim Lundy will overview the current state of Generative AI the roles and use cases to focus on in the 2nd half of 2024. 

Key things to be covered:

  • What is the current state of Intelligent Assistants in the Workplace
  • How will Intelligent Assistant work for Sales, Marketing, Support, and Engineering
  • How can enterprises leverage Intelligent Assistants to gain a competitive advantage?

Meet Our Guests 

Jill Huselton, VP of Product Marketing

As Vbrick’s product marketing leader, Jill Huselton drives Vbrick’s go-to-market strategies and activities. Jill’s been in the video industry since her first job out of college, where she worked for the cutting-edge video bridging company Link-VTC. Over the last 15+ years, Jill’s worked in the video and online meeting space, including UCaaS companies Intrado and FreeConferenceCall.com, handling everything from product launches to marketing communications to PR. Outside of work, Jill enjoys reading, exercising, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Eric Hanson, Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer for Mitel, Eric Hanson is responsible for setting the company’s global marketing strategy, including solutions marketing for Mitel’s extensive communications portfolio, demand generation, brand, partner marketing, customer lifecycle programs, and global communications.

Eric brings nearly 30 years of executive experience across enterprise go-to-market, product strategy, and company vision to the Mitel team. Most recently, he was CMO at OneSpan, a provider of electronic signature and cybersecurity software, where he drove new programs that increased enterprise demand generation and improved the company’s brand and reputation in targeted market segments. Previously, Eric served as CMO at Fuze where he was instrumental in contributing to the business and product innovation momentum that led to the company’s acquisition by 8x8 in 2022.

Meet Our Analysts 


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