Link Webinars With External Social Communities To Create Better Digital Experiences

Author: David Mario Smith                                                                           Date: July 27, 2015
Topic: Collaboration                                                                        Research Note Number: 2015-31

Issue: What are the best practices for using collaboration to gain competitive advantage?

Summary: Marketing leaders who don’t leverage the synergies between webinars, social communities and digital marketing initiatives will miss out on a powerful strategy for truly engaging prospects and customers.

Digital marketing professionals have long realized that content is essential in marketing. Getting the right and relevant content to consumers and making it easily accessible is crucial. Webcasts and webinars made with web and video conferencing technology are effective tools for digital marketers long after the actual live event, and much of the value comes in their reuse.

What’s been missing is a way to galvanize social communities around that content. In this research note we discuss why it’s essential for digital marketing professionals to merge webinars and webcasts with social networking communities.

Note: Archived Research. For recent research, please visit our Collaboration page.