Top Reasons An Enterprise App Store Is in Your Future

Author: Mike Anderson                        Date: March 30, 2012

Topics: Mobile   Research Note Number: 2012-7

Issues:  What are the best practices for harnessing the power of mobile computing?

Summary: Expanding user control of mobile devices and the increasing number of apps throughout the enterprise pose a new world of management challenges. An enterprise app store can improve usability and convenience for users while reducing overhead burden on IT organizations.

The consumerization of IT has created a generation of enterprise computing users who are tech savvy and expect all computing to be as handy and accessible as their smartphone apps. Although the bring-your-own-device phenomenon has given IT groups much concern about system management issues, enterprise app stores provide an even greater opportunity: to reap the benefit of mobility and apps while driving down software management and support costs and to control app selection and deployment.

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