Predictions for Mobile and Internet of Things, 2016: Business Transformation Powered by Apps and Connected Devices

Author: Jim Lundy                                                               Date: December 29th, 2015
Topic: Mobile                                                                         Research Note Number: 2015-55

Issue: What are the key trends in Mobile?

Summary: The explosion of connected devices in the Digital Workplace will be matched by the need for Mobile First Apps.  Aragon makes six key Mobile and IoT predictions for 2016.


The analog world is winding down. Everything is becoming connected and as the digital device world heats up, businesses will need to adapt . Mobile Apps will be the new portals to a connected Internet of Things (IOT)-enabled world. This research note reviews six key Mobile and IOT predictions for 2016.

Streamline Business Processes by Going Digital

One of the fastest ways to speed up and digitize a business is to make the business processes easier and simpler. Mobile apps, when successfully executed, are critical, as they can be focused on accomplishing a set of tasks that the user wants or needs to do; however, the challenge is that there are still many ways to develop apps and not all of them represent the most efficient way.

The race to make an enterprise digital often hits front and center with legacy applications. Many of these require users to sit at a PC or laptop – they were not designed for people on the go. Initial attempts to mobilize these applications were often slow, a common problem with first-generation mobile apps.

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