Predictions for Sales, 2015: Sales Enablement Fuels the Race to Digitize Sales

Authors: Jim Lundy, David Mario Smith                        Date: December 31, 2014
Topics: Digital Business, Sales                                  Research Note Number: 2014-60

Issue: What are the trends in sales?
Issue: How does an enterprise transform itself to become a digital business?

Summary: Sales enablement will grow in 2015, due in part to the rise of new predictive apps such as sales communications, predictive lead scoring, social selling and learning.

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Predictions for Sales, 2015

  • By YE 2015, 80% of enterprises will view sales enablement as a strategic imperative, but will still buy best-of-breed solutions that do one thing well.
  • By YE 2015, predictive lead scoring will be a mandatory app for all sales organizations.
  • By YE 2016, the number of sales communications providers will double due to demand and the relative ease of entering the market.
  • By YE 2016, enterprises will spend up to 30% more on tools and content to successfully train both new hires and current sales staff.
  • By YE 2016, predictive content services will be a must-have part of a sales platform.
  • By YE 2016, 50% of enterprises will use social selling as one of the most critical ways for salespeople to connect sales teams with current and future customers.
  • By YE 2015, 50% of sales organizations will retire legacy paper-based processes in favor of those based on digital transaction management (DTM), configure, price and quote (CPQ) and contract management applications.


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