Predictions for Talent and HCM, 2016: Analytics, Engagement, and Cloud Platforms Dominate

Author: David Mario Smith                                                               Date: December 30th, 2015
Topic: HCM and Talent Management                                      Research Note Number: 2015-56

Issue: What are the key trends in HCM and Talent Management?

Summary: The Talent and HCM space is being continually revolutionized by Predictive Analytics and a focus on employee engagement. Aragon identifies five key predictions for Talent Management.


Talent and HCM are being recognized as critical to the lifeblood of the enterprise. Full platforms are emerging as the technology to support people processes advances. The rising focus on employee engagement dictates that businesses have to focus on culture and people to ensure success. High employee engagement is linked to increases in earnings and overall customer success. In this note, we highlight the major predictions for the Talent and HCM market (see Note 1).

The Rise of HCM Platforms and Analytics

In the Talent Management and HCM space, there is a rising tide towards platforms and analytics. Behind the push towards Predictive Analytics and HCM Platform as a Service (PaaS), is the focus on people-centric outcomes and the full employee lifecycle, which spans from pre-hire to off-boarding and post employment. While marketing, and the role of the CMO in particular, is emerging in significance and influence, we believe HR has to be in complete alignment as enterprise success hinges on effective people processes and management.

While all business disciplines need relevant analytics to make better decisions, Talent is probably the most critical of all business decisions. Since Predictive Analytics deals with a vast amount of data, it’s imperative to develop a data-modeling competency and a team responsible for executing the strategy.

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