The Aragon Research Globe™

Aragon GlobeThe Aragon Research Globe is our new market evaluation tool that graphically represents analysis of a specific market and its component vendors. We use a rigorous analysis of each vendor using three dimensions that enable comparative evaluation of the participants in a given market.

What differentiates the Aragon Research Globe from other models is the ability to look beyond size and market share that often dominate these types of analyses, and instead use those as comparative factors in evaluating providers’ product-oriented capabilities.

Positioning in the Aragon Research Globe will reflect how complete a provider’s future strategy is relative to their performance in fulfilling that strategy in the market. The global market reach provides a further differentiating factor, allowing all vendors with similar strategy and performance to be compared regardless of their size and market share. This will improve recognition of providers with a comprehensive strategy and strong performance but limited or targeted global penetration to be compared more directly with others with similar perspectives.


The Aragon Research Globe is segmented into four sectors, representing high and low on both the strategy and performance dimensions. Vendors fit into one of the following groups:

  • Leaders are the companies who have comprehensive strategies that align with industry direction and market demand, and who effectively perform against that strategic backdrop.
  • Contenders are those companies with strong performance, but with more limited or less complete strategies. Their performance positions them well to challenge for leadership by expanding their strategic focus.
  • Innovators are companies who have strong strategic understanding and objectives, but have yet to perform effectively across all elements of that strategy.
  • Specialists are companies who are performing well in fulfilling their strategy, but who have a narrower or more targeted emphasis with regard to overall industry and user expectations.

Defining the dimensions of analysis:

Aragon Research looks at three different dimensions when evaluating the participants in a market:

  • Strategy reflects the degree to which a vendor has understanding and strategic intent that is at the forefront of market direction.
  • Performance represents effectiveness in executing a vendor’s defined strategy. This includes supporting the product or service through its lifecycle.
  • Reach is a measure of the global capability that a vendor can execute. Reach is defined as being national, international, or global in nature.

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