Six Game-Changing Trends Driving the Collaborative Workplace of the Future

Authors: Jim Lundy, David Mario Smith
Date: December 3, 2014
Topics: Workplace, Collaboration
Research Note Number: 2014-47

Issue: What trends will affect the evolution of collaboration?
Issue: How can enterprises prepare for and succeed in a next-generation collaborative workplace?

Summary: The workplace is undergoing fundamental changes, with people persistently connected by digital collaboration technologies and an evolving work environment. Understanding these key trends will enable enterprises to prepare for and implement a collaborative workplace.


Introducing the Workplace of the Future

The workplace of the future, while enabled by digital technology, goes beyond the limits of any one technology. It is a convergence of technologies, people and processes, dynamically interwoven in a seamless dance that blends the personal and the professional. This research note overviews the six game changing trends driving the future workplace and outlines a five-step plan that will enable enterprises to take advantage of them.

The new workplace is based on human interactions, both inside and outside the enterprise. It is a more visual and immersive domain than today’s voice- and paper-driven world. It integrates our interactions within the business processes they support, backed by predictive analytics that lead to better decisions. The workplace of the future is collaborative, contextual and visual.

Note: This is part of Aragon’s archived research.
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