Six Key Trends in Learning: The Social, Tablet and Content Explosion

Author: Jim Lundy                                                                                            Date: March 1, 2013
Topics: Learning; Mobile; Social Software                           Research Note Number: 2013-06

Issue: How will enterprises take advantage of new ways to share knowledge?

Summary:  Next-generation social learning offers the potential for a more integrated learning experience. The rise of tablets and the race to monetize digital content are enabling anyone to be a self-directed learner. These trends represent a new empowered era of learning.

Social Learning

The desire to learn has always existed. Next-generation social learning platforms will make it easier for people to know they are learning and to be able to do it in concert with others. This is going beyond just discussions in a forum; it is about the blending of formal and informal learning techniques in a social context.

Many traditional learning providers are on a fast track to deliver socially enabled learning. Enterprises are still trying to understand this, and most Learning and Development (L&D) departments are still in the midst of shifting to the  social learning capabilities offered by the major providers. The challenge is that some providers still focus on selling the Learning Management System (LMS), which often offer only basic discussion forum capabilities.

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