Special Report: COVID-19 Recovery: Back to the Workplace

In recent weeks, one of the most common questions we’ve received from our clients is: should we reopen our office? If we do, how do we do it safely? The answer is much more complicated than a simple Yes or No. Recovery from COVID-19 will require resilience as enterprises adapt to the new reality and aim to continue delivering their business outcomes. This gradual process will also require agility and flexibility; as recommendations and policies continue to change, businesses will need to adjust and evolve their return-to-work strategy.

Our resources offer tips for:

  • how to re-define your business goals and strategy
  • how to utilize communication and collaboration tools
  • how to boost employee engagement

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[Special Report]
Coronavirus Impact Predictions

Even after the pandemic has subsided, its effects will be felt long into the future as the world adapts to a new normal. Organizations who fail to plan for this new normal not only risk long-term growth, but the survival of their business. The Aragon analyst team offers 5 key predictions to help your organization plan for a post-COVID-19 world. Use their recommendations to strategically guide your planning efforts.

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COVID-19 Action

VP Research Betsy Burton shows you how to transform the way you conduct business to survive and thrive in a post COVID-19 era. Learn how to create your short- and long-term scenario, define your new business goals and strategy, analyze your business model and impact, define new target outcome metrics, and communicate the new vision to your executives, employees, customers, and partners.

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Globe for UCC, 2020

We are now in the stage where office workplaces can open with modifications. Some businesses have quickly adopted the alternate work schedule approach, in which employees will take turns returning to the office while others remain working from home. One of the best ways enterprises can enable their remote teams is through the communication modalities of a UCC platform. Aragon suggests looking at the integrated approach offered by the UCC providers evaluated in this report.

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Tech Arc for Employee Engagement and Learning, 2020

As work becomes more virtual, nurturing employee engagement will become more critical. Employers must make their employees feel safe, comfortable and engaged. Use this Technology Arc to understand which emerging technologies will help you empower your workforce and keep your top talent energized.

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