Special Report: Digital Transformation Starts with a Business Strategy

The Digital Business Imperative

Designing for a digital business promises transformative opportunities. Going digital can improve efficiency of business processes, lead to better insights, exceed customer expectations, enhance security, and better enable a business to operate in the digital landscape where the tools we use to get work done are constantly evolving and changing. While Chief Information Officers, Chief Digital Officers, and IT Leaders may have been the original proponents for taking the business digital, Business Leaders are now on board and they want to make this transformation a reality as soon as possible.

The Digital Business Imperative

A successful Digital Transformation requires the right planning and the right knowledge of which technologies you should leverage to move faster toward your desired business outcomes.

Yet only 10-15% of businesses today would say they have gone fully digital – so why are so many waiting and therefore, delaying transformative opportunities and potential ROI?

Going digital requires the right planning and the right tools in order to execute new business designs and strategies. The research, advisory, and consulting services covered in this special report are aimed at offering actionable advice that you can implement right away to start achieving your goals for going digital.

Digital Technology: Seven Major Trends for 2016

Monitoring every single trend in digital technology is not only overwhelming, but is not necessary to executing a successful digital business strategy. This interactive research note is aimed at identifying the seven major important trends in digital technologies that you should be focusing on. Digital Technology: Seven Major Trends for 2016 also analyzes the various combinations of digital technologies that can be leveraged well together.

The Disruptive Rise of the Digital Business Platform

Choosing where and how to get started with Digital Business is difficult because there are so many moving parts. The Digital Business Platform is a good place to start, as it provides a new way to put technology to work in a business framework to transform the enterprise in this new digital world. This platform will be key to leverage for enterprises who want to reach their desired outcomes faster while incorporating the continuous emergence of technologies.

The Digital Maturity Model for the Measurement of Digital Progress

Receiving guidance along the way of your digital journey will help you monitor your digital progress and make sure your enterprise is on track to achieving its goals.  Aragon introduces the Digital Maturity Model (DMM), constructed to integrate the experience of the early adopters of digital that were successful in delivering differentiating business models, products, and services, as well as their innovative use of emerging digital methods, techniques, and technologies to deliver better outcomes. The Digital Maturity Model will help enterprises understand how to approach becoming digital and how to evaluate progress in their digital journey.

Digital Transformation Boot Camps

Aragon is uniquely positioned to help clients formulate and execute a digital business strategy. With unrivaled expertise in emerging technologies and deep experience in developing winning business models and go-to-market plans, Aragon helps enterprises leverage technology to win in the marketplace. Ready to get started?