Special Report: Aragon Research Hot Vendors™ for 2019 (Part II)

Part II of our Hot Vendors for 2019 recognizes noteworthy, visionary, and innovative vendors in document analytics, global mobility management (GMM), and team collaboration.

Read this Special Report to discover how these Hot Vendors are helping to transform their markets.

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One of the lead capabilities that is part of Intelligent content analytics is document analytics, which allows enterprises to understand and analyze their documents and contracts to drive better and more insightful decision-making via predictive analytics. Aragon has selected three Hot Vendors who are making an impact in the area of document analytics.

ABBYY     Attivio     Wonderflow

Hot Vendors in Document Analytics 2019



Global Mobility Management (GMM) manages the complete set of processes and data required to identify, justify, and manage the movement of an existing employee or the hiring of an employee who requires relocation. Aragon identifies three Hot Vendors in GMM.

Equus     Ineo     Topia

Hot Vendors in Global Mobility Management 2019



Team collaboration is becoming a larger priority in the enterprise as users shift their attention away from collaborating via email. In the race to speed up business processes, messaging is proving to be a catalyst in delivering increased levels of human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions. Aragon identifies four new team collaboration vendors for 2019.

Chanty     Flock     Mio     Speakap

Hot Vendors in Team Collaboration in 2019