The Disruptive Rise of Mobile Collaboration

Author: David Mario Smith                                                             Date: April 8, 2015
Topics: Mobile, Collaboration                                            Research Note Number: 2015-11

Issue: What collaboration technologies and architectures should enterprises leverage?
Issue: How will enterprises use mobility for competitive advantage?

Summary: Mobile collaboration is an emerging space with a focus on productivity for the mobile workforce. Enterprises should plan now to incorporate it into their collaboration strategies.

Mobile collaboration (sometimes called mobile messaging) is the new “tip of the spear” in collaboration. Enterprise providers are rapidly entering this new market segment, which is fueled by consumer interest and demand (see Note 1). This research note covers the background and definition of mobile collaboration and discusses its impact on enterprises.

Characteristics of Mobile Collaboration Tools

Mobile collaboration combines cross-platform synchronous and asynchronous interaction modes with elements of collaboration infrastructure that may be mobile-first or mobile-optimized but must at least be mobile-friendly. It includes point-to-point and group chat/IM, audio and video, and screen/file sharing, backed up by presence and by social group and community services like activity streams, news feeds, profiles and expertise location.

A primary focus of mobile collaboration is to facilitate teamwork and team building for mobile users. Enterprises may also expand the productivity ecosystem with document collaboration features like interactive annotation and group authoring or editing.

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