The Four Phases of Predictive Business Applications

Author: Jim Lundy
Date: December 8, 2014
Topic: Digital Business
Research Note Number: 2014-48

Issue: What trends will affect the evolution of digital business?
Issue: How will predictive apps evolve?

Summary: Predictive business apps are here. Aragon introduces a four-tier maturity model for analyzing the shift to both predictive and cognitive business applications.

Digital technologies affect all facets of the business and how products are developed, marketed and sold. A digitally focused enterprise can move further faster, and change course with more agility. Areas that benefit the most include marketing, sales, support and product engineering.

“Predictiveness” has already emerged as a term and a capability, and will soon become a business requirement. Applications can now recognize patterns in human behavior or real-world events and make relevant recommendations in context. The impact can’t be overlooked. New classes of applications can now do tasks in a “smart” fashion – and do them well. Due to the way machine learning currently works, these applications may need some tuning to gain the maximum impact. Regardless, a new category of apps is emerging.

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Note: This is part of Aragon’s archived research.