Toolkit: Getting Started with Advanced Simulations: Seven Steps to Success

Author: Jim Lundy, Mike Anderson
Date: September 15, 2011
Topic: Knowledge
Research Note Number: 2011-16

Issues: How will enterprises take advantage of new ways to share knowledge?

Summary: Advanced simulations are one of the keys to accelerate skill development. Enterprises often face hurdles in getting started and in deciding on where to start. A seven-step plan provides a framework for enterprises to get started with advanced simulations.

Overview: This toolkit also discusses when simulations should be utilized and then details the steps to ensure success in getting simulations developed. In 2011, the choices to develop are not just for individuals: in fact, single user simulations can be developed in-house, but the more advanced multi-user simulations require more care and skill in assessing how to proceed (develop in-house or outsource). 

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