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The Covid lockdown revealed many things, including the need for better employee and customer experiences. As a result, the enterprise is at a crossroads. Higher levels of competition are coming online, often with much better experiences. Business leaders are starting to push for faster and better business outcomes, and technology is a catalyst to make this happen.

In our annual September Transform Tour, we will discuss key predictions for 2023 with a theme of better business outcomes. 


10:00–10:30 AM PT

Predictions for 2023 Part I:
The Digital Workplace of the Future–Integration and Work Hubs

10:30–11:00 AM PT

[Women-In-Tech Guest Panel]
Driving Transformation in the Enterprise

11:00–11:30 AM PT

Predictions for 2023 Part II:
Business Transformation–Leveraging Technology and Architecture

The first era of the Cloud was all about new applications–which led to extreme proliferation. Business leaders have learned from this and are moving forward with a new holistic approach–less focus on new applications, and more focus on work hubs and the integration between applications and platforms. In this session, Aragon will review the top four predictions for the digital workplace for 2023.

Enterprises are under pressure to transform as technology plays a more significant role in employee and customer engagement. Our Women in Tech guest panel will dive into driving transformation in the enterprise–with insights on driving change, leveraging technology, and the best practices to make transformation happen.

Business Architecture is the new battle cry. More than anything else, enterprises have learned that becoming a digital business doesn't always mean starting from scratch. It is about transformation, which means leveraging the right technologies that integrate with existing applications and infrastructure to deliver better experiences. In this session, we identify the top predictions for business transformation for 2023.

Our Speakers

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Women-In-Technology Guest Panelists

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