June Transform Tour 2023


Kickoff the Summer with Aragon Research's next #TransformTour23 stop!

Since the launch of OpenAI’s GPT service, organizations have been scrambling to put out their own copilot service. In our June Transform Tour, taking place on Thursday, June 15, 2023, we will discuss how Copilots work and how you can define a strategy to support digital labor.

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The shift to Digital Labor is here and it is being powered by CoPilots and Digital Assistants, which emerged on the scene with the rollout of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Our expert panel of business leaders will discuss what they see and how they are planning to put Generative AI to work in their enterprise.

Aragon's CEO & Founder, Jim Lundy, will lead an open discussion with our panelists about The Future of Work — How Generative AI Changes Everything.

Our expert panelists:

  • Ajay Keni - Chief Technology Officer at OneSpan
  • Kira Makagon - Chief Innovation Officer at RingCentral
  • Jonathan Rosenberg - CTO & Head of AI at Five9

The GPT revolution means new tools that are called CoPilots have emerged. Just like factories got automated – now work is poised to change. With CoPilots more work can be done in shorter amounts of time.

In this presentation, Aragon Analysts, led by Jim Lundy discuss all the aspects that deal with deploying role specific CoPilots and how to succeed with them.

Key issues to be discussed:

  • What are CoPilots and how will they work
  • Besides Content Generation, what types of CoPilots will emerge?
  • How can enterprise get ahead with CoPilots

Digital Labor is here! It represents the race to a hybrid workplace where humans and computer applications work hand in hand.

Enterprises need to plan for the short term but also on how work will change over time. Join Aragon Analysts Betsy Burton as she talks about how to get ahead with Digital Labor.

Key things to be covered:

  • How will digital labor challenge human labor?
  • What are the issues to consider when planning for digital labor?
  • How can enterprises plan for the different types of digital labor?

Meet Our Guests 

Ajay Keni, Chief Technology Officer

Ajay Keni is OneSpan’s Chief Technology Officer. Ajay brings more than 20 years of experience as a technologist and software engineer leading teams to build world class products and services focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience and security in the cloud.

Kira Makagon, Chief Innovation Officer & EVP

Kira Makagon serves as Chief Innovation Officer where over the last 11 years she has led global product, user experience, engineering, cloud operations, security, IT, and launched the company’s corporate ventures arm, RingCentral Ventures™.  She has been a critical driver in defining RingCentral’s product strategy and global reach that has put RingCentral at the forefront of the communications and collaboration market, leading to rapid year-over-year growth from pre-IPO to over $2 billion in annual recurring revenue.

Jonathan Rosenberg, Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan Rosenberg is the Chief Technology Officer and head of AI at Five9. Jonathan has dedicated his career to transforming the telecommunications industry and joins Five9 from Cisco where he was CTO for the Collaboration Technology Group (CTG). Jonathan is also well known for his authorship of the SIP protocol, which is the foundation for modern IP-based telecommunications.

Meet Our Analysts 


TRANSFORM TOUR 2023 IS BACK 2880 × 200 px 3


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