Transforming Employee Engagement With A Modern Learning Approach

At the core of your business are your people. Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) and HR Leaders know that investing in skill building, leadership development, and training is tied to better business outcomes, increased employee engagement, and a reduction in turnover. In order to stay engaged, employees need continuous training and learning that goes beyond their on-boarding process. The amount of learning available to them might make a difference in how long that person stays with the company.

Modern Learning Approach Special Report

CLOs and HR Leaders need to be aware of the new learning technologies that can improve employee engagement and performance across business roles and drive business transformation.

The learning market has responded to the changing needs of employees and has shifted towards a more modern, content-focused approach that embraces the different ways individuals learn best. Modern learning focuses on learner engagement, which in turn leads to improved understanding and increased knowledge retention. Aragon Research sees modern learning platforms as a key way to personalize user experiences and maximize the learning experience. The capabilities CLOs should pay attention to when evaluating modern learning platform providers include:

  • LMS
  • Social learning community
  • Microlearning
  • Video learning
  • Content ecosystem
  • Content authoring
  • Predictive analytics
  • Digital assistants

In addition to these core capabilities, different roles in the enterprise require different skill sets. What a sales professional needs to perform in their role is vastly different from what a business analyst associate needs. CLOs understand that nurturing specific skill sets and leadership traits is what allows employees to perform at their highest level. New technologies such as sales coaching and learning are coming online to address the gaps in learning technology, and will become a supplement to the modern learning platform.  

This special report aims to assist CLOs and HR leaders with their modern learning transformation by examining the tools and providers that will help them transform employee engagement.

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