Trends in MBaaS and the Rise of Mobile App Development Suites

Authors: David Smith, Jim Lundy                                                               Date: November 9, 2015
Topic: Mobile                                                                                      Research Note Number: 2015-41

Issue: What are the key trends in Mobile?

SummaryMobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) has emerged as a key way to build enterprise class Mobile apps. MBaaS will give rise to Mobile App Development Suites.

Bottom Line

MBaaS is an emerging area that we believe will continue to undergo significant consolidation as larger vendors and cloud infrastructure providers continue to innovate.  The market is growing due to a reduced barrier to entry with cloud services. Developers can now set up an entire backend with functions like push notification, data synchronization, and user management, to build out complete mobile experiences. MBaaS is disrupting traditional PaaS and API management providers and evolving beyond just mobile.


Note: Archived research. View our Mobile and IoT page for updated information.