Author: David Mario Smith
Date: December 31, 2013
Topic: Workplace
Research Note Number: 2013-52

Issue: How will enterprises take advantage of new ways to share knowledge?

Summary:Video documents are quickly becoming the new way to
communicate and learn. Given the ease of creating them, video
documents will account for much of the explosive growth of digital
In an increasingly real-time world, video consumption is growing
rapidly, as people access it in nontraditional ways such as the
Internet and on mobile devices. The millions of clips on YouTube
prove that they also enjoy creating video as much as watching it,
now that they have the means and opportunity to do so. As the
learning curve and investments in time, preparation and equipment
go down, more and more people are also bringing video into the
workplace. This research note focuses on the growing role of video
as the “new document” in four key settings:
• “How-To” Tutorials
• Knowledge Transfer
• Interactive Presentations
• Recorded Meetings

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Note: This note is part of Aragon’s archived research.