Wearable Computing and Intelligent Assistants

Author: Jim Lundy                                                         Date: October 24, 2013
Topic: Mobile                                                     Research Note Number: 2013-40

Issue: What are the trends impacting mobile computing?
Issue: What technologies and architectures make up a mobile ecosystem?

Summary: Wearable computing is poised to become the next advance in the way that human and computers interact.

Another computing paradigm shift is on the horizon: wearable computers are about to go mainstream. Just as tablets came into widespread usage in 2011, we are now approaching the era of wearables (see Figure 1). Wearable computers will take many forms, including watches and glasses. They will all leverage a new class of software that we call the intelligent assistant.

Figure 1: The Eras of Computing – The Wearable Era Is Emerging

Wearables will affect mobility in ways we haven’t thought of yet. What we can predict is that software will be critical. Without the right apps, devices are just gadgets with no real purpose, but infusing those devices with useful and intuitive apps creates a powerful matrix that extends and empowers the user. The challenge is to give users an easy and intuitive way to interact with these devices: enter the intelligent assistant. This research note reviews the march toward wearable computing and the value of intelligent assistants.

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