Special Report: Aragon Research Hot Vendors for 2017 (Part I)

Hot Vendors identified by Aragon Research have cutting-edge technologies and are doing something truly new or different in their respective markets. The first series of Hot Vendors for 2017 includes vendors in AI & Streaming Analytics, Digital Business Platforms, Sales Enablement, and UCC.

Read this Special Report to discover who the new and noteworthy players are in these four markets, and how they are poised to challenge legacy providers.

2017 Aragon Research Hot Vendors

Communications and Collaboration is evolving as an integrated platform offering. New emerging providers are looking to replace legacy ones with new capabilities or a better offer. Aragon identifies four new Hot Vendors for 2017.
IntelePeer     Nextiva     Voxeet


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Analyzing streaming data—data produced continuously by one or more sources—can provide deeper insights into the state of a business or market than analyzing static or historical data alone. However, it requires non-disruptive processing methods to uncover these insights without changing the flow or content of the data itself. Our four 2017 Hot Vendors in AI and Streaming Analytics enable analysis of these data sources and provide insights in time to recommend or take the best next action.

DataTorrent   StreamAnalytix   Striim    Zoomdata


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The demand for new digital implementations that differentiate organizations is increasing quickly, which has created a fertile environment for the growth of Digital Business Platforms (DBPs). DBPs coordinate goal-directed work and support the smooth interaction of people, software, and machines in a most intelligent manner. The Hot Vendors in the emerging Digital Business Platform market are addressing these needs in an incremental fashion, but they may not have all of the functionality now. In fact, a number of the DBP Hot Vendors augment the base functionality in DBPs to make them more competitive and link them to business outcomes.

Composite Apps - CURA     Decision Management Solutions     Dell EMC     IYCON - Afterspyre     K2    Red Hat      Sapiens - Sapiens DECISION


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Digital selling is the new way forward. Our 2017 Hot Vendors in Sales Enablement are helping sales teams to grow their pipeline with an “Office for Sales” work hub approach.

SalesChoice    SalesLoft    vablet    WHUT Inc.


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