The Aragon Research Globe™ for the Intelligent Contact Center, 2024

The Aragon Research Globe™ for the Intelligent Contact Center, 2024

Generative AI will Power a Growing Number of ICC Virtual Agents

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Aragon Research releases its fifth Aragon Research Globe™ for intelligent contact centers (ICCs). The ICC market has shifted, and with a focus on Generative AI to power virtual agents, the time is now to transform the contact center.

As digital labor continues to grow, the 15 major vendors in this report are in the midst of some of the biggest changes since this market came to fruition 25 years ago.


Aragon introduced the concept of the intelligent contact center in 2018. How many had skepticism about our position on this shift to AI, over the last 11 months, with the advent of open AI? With ChatGPT and the shift to large language models it is clear that AI is here to stay.

Contact centers are under severe pressure to modernize and transform not only for better omni-channel interactions but for quicker and more accurate answers. Going forward, virtual agents will be doing more work to answer foundational questions and answers leaving the heavy lifting to humans.

So, as we head into 2024, the demand for the Modern Contact Center is here—but the race is for Intelligence is just getting started. Half of AI is about automation, and we will provide a detailed status of the direction that Human and Digital Labor will take as Generative AI becomes part of the ICC architecture. This Research Note evaluates the trends in the market and identifies 15 key providers that are making a difference in intelligent contact centers.

Research Note Details

Topic: Intelligent Contact Center
Issues: Who are the intelligent contact center providers and how will they evolve?
Research Note Number: 2023-43
Length: 39 pages
File Size: 1.2 MB
File Type: Portable Document Format (PDF)
Language: English
Publisher: Aragon Research

Jim Lundy

Jim Lundy, CEO, Founder, & Lead Analyst