Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Collaboration, 2015

Authors: David Mario Smith, Jim Lundy

Date: February 17, 2015

Topic: Collaboration

Research Note Number: 2015-03

*This is part of our archived research. For new research, please see our Research Page.

Issue: What trends influence the evolution of collaboration?
Issue: What collaboration technologies should enterprises leverage?

Summary: The Aragon Research Technology Arc for Collaboration helps our clients assess the maturity and market impact of collaboration technology and its role in the enterprise. The 2015 edition features 15 technologies specific to collaboration, plus special drill-down profiles for 19 more with direct operational connections to the collaboration domain.

The Aragon Research Technology Arc helps you identify important technologies, choose the
ones to monitor, and determine their potential benefits. It also adds extra dimensions that
help you decide when, why and how you should adopt them. This Tech Arc is specific to the
collaboration domain.
Collaboration has always been about helping people work together. The current
convergence of collaboration technologies around cloud and mobile is driving the emerging
mobile collaboration space. Mobile collaboration apps combine multiple collaboration modes
such as real-time, social and text in a single UI, presenting a collaborative continuum that
focuses on human interaction.
There is also a renewed focus on analytics in the collaboration space. With the advent of
social collaboration, enterprises began to understand the need for deeper analytics about
people, networks, behaviors and how it impacts the business. Beyond that, the ability to
leverage data analytics to be more predictive across business domains is becoming a
With collaboration technologies converging, presence and identity will be increasingly
important across applications as a unique identifier. The integration of real-time functions into
business applications and processes is an emerging characteristic that puts collaborative
interactions into context. This is more than just using communication to enable a business
process. It embeds the full range of communication and collaboration capabilities into every
phase of every business process. Presence, for example, shows you the status of all the
people involved in an ongoing activity so you can decide how to interact with them in real
time to handle exceptions or expedite an outcome.

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Aragon Research Technology Arc for Collaboration, 2015




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