Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Learning and Talent Management, 2015

Authors: Jim Lundy, David Mario Smith

Date: March 10, 2015

Topic: Learning and Knowledge

Research Note Number: 2015-06

*This is part of our archived research. For new research, please visit our Research Page.

Issue: What trends affect how knowledge is created and shared?

Summary: Aragon Research presents its 2015 Technology Arc for Learning and Talent Management. Tech Arcs help our clients evaluate the maturity and market impact of many technologies in the workplace. This edition covers 38 technologies in Learning and Talent Management.

In 2015, technology continues to focus on user needs. Workplace technologies are morphing
into cloud and mobile enabled applications that can be accessed from anywhere with any
device. Many of these reflect a shift from pure technology to business applications that
embody business logic to enable specific business processes. Because of this, it’s important
for business planners to assess the maturity and suitability of a technology in its business
context before making decisions about specific products or services.
The 2015 Technology Arcs feature emerging classes of applications that either extend or
replace existing categories, or focus on business tasks or processes in order to produce
specific outcomes. This Technology Arc focuses on 38 distinct technologies and applications
in Learning and Talent Management.
For HR and Learning professionals, major impacts come from shifts in social, collaboration,
analytics, learning and video technologies. The ever-growing contingent workforce and
pressures to hire high quality candidates faster is accelerating the need for smart Learning
and Talent Management platforms that can predict and recommend.
There is now a renewed focus on analytics in the HCM space. When it comes to managing
people, enterprises are realizing that they need deeper analytics about behaviors, sentiment
and how people work. They also need deeper insights into potential candidates during the
hiring and recruitment process. When we talk to recruiters and hiring managers, their number
one concern is improving the quality of their hiring decisions. There is a causal loop in the
talent acquisition process: poor hires are a symptom that the hiring team has had inaccurate
or inadequate information. The solution: find the missing information and analyze it to derive
insights that help the team speed up the hiring process and still pick the right candidates.

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