Context-Driven Customer Engagement: Beyond Customer Experience (CX) Management

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The emergence of customer experience management is a significant step forward in how organizations work with and sell to their customers by understanding and managing all the ways their customer’s experience their interactions. However, customers preferences are changing such that sellers need to understand their customers’ context first and foremost, rather than only managing their experience on their terms.

Customers and partners expectations about how they buy and use products and services are changing as a result of digital business and the pervasiveness of information. Organizations cannot expect to service customers by making them understand their business models, processes and services. They must begin to understand their customers from their perspective and context (personal and community). The emergence of AI and continued growth in customer information presents an opportunity (along with the security and privacy responsibility) to understand, engage and deliver products/services based on customer’s context first and foremost.

In this note we explore these changing customer expectations and illustrate a stepped evolution toward AI-enabled context-driven customer engagement, the phase beyond customer experience management.



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Topic: Enterprise and Business Architecture
Issues: What is the role of business architecture given the emergence of Digital Business?
Research Note Number: 2019-28

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betsy burton aragon research

Betsy Burton, VP Research and Aragon Fellow