Author: Jim Lundy
Date: May 12, 2015
Topic: Digital Business
Research Note Number: 2015-14

Issue: How does an enterprise transform itself to become a digital business?

Summary: DTM is growing in popularity as more enterprises realize the value of shifting to all-digital processes. We identify four key imperatives that enterprises can’t miss as they race towards the Digital Enterprise.

In 2015, the race to eliminate paper will continue unabated, and
touch every aspect of the enterprise from sales to manufacturing,
finance and human resources. As enterprises realize that the
speed of business is their opportunity and challenge, more and
more of them are trying to make their business processes fully
digital by embracing Digital Transaction Management (DTM – see
Note 1). This Research Note covers four key imperatives that
enterprises can’t overlook when becoming a Digital Enterprise
(see Note 2).

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