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Video Analytics

Video Analytics is the ability to identify people and images inside of a live or recorded video stream. This type of software has automated the manual process of reviewing hours of surveillance videos. Video analytics has accounted for human oversight with mathematical algorithms and its ability to detect motion, faces, heat maps, count people, recognize license plates. While monitoring videos, the software is able to identify different patterns and trends which have enhanced enterprises’ ability to comprehend data.

Video analytics is not the sole solution but is an emerging technology that will soon be leveraged by many advancing enterprises. Image and video analytics are both based on the same fundamental emerging technology—deep learning. Although video analytics analyzes with several images in succession instead of a single image. Both contain a number of varying capabilities that have proved to make processes more time-efficient. 

By using video analytics, enterprises in all industries can allocate more time for employees to perform priority tasks. Even marketing fields have used video analytics as a source of rapid data gathering—gender counting and shelf space effectiveness—to cater to their target audiences. 

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HR and Security leaders should adopt video analytics to add an extra layer of safety and security in their workplace. This suggests that new technology in the form of video analytics can provide an early warning.

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Not everyone understands image and video analytics and how it’s used, which deters them from knowing if it can be deployed to enhance their business. In this note, we will define the image and video analytics and its features.