Author: Jim Lundy
Date: July 22, 2015
Topic: Talent Management
Research Note Number: 2015-29

Issue: Who are the vendors making a difference in Talent Management?

Summary: Software applications are becoming more advanced and Talent Management is no exception. Our 2015 Hot Vendors in Talent Management and Engagement are helping enterprises win the battle in the race to attract, engage and retain talent.

Human Resources, and the market that defines it, Talent Management, are being redefined by the converging forces of predictive analytics, video learning, a contingent workforce and a renewed focus on employee engagement. Digital business has disrupted HR and HR processes.

Enterprise HR organizations are creating digital innovation boards, with representatives across teams, to standardize processes in light of this disruption. In this research note, we discuss some of the key trends in Talent Management and identify three emerging Hot Vendors.

Predictive Hiring

In Talent Management, predictive hiring is emerging as a critical discipline in HR, where the pursuit of high-quality talent is a major driver in all parts of the business. Large and small clients tell us that with high turnover leaving job openings, and the need for ever-higher quality people, they need to hire faster but also more effectively. Hiring wrong can critically impact the bottom line.

Having deeper insights into candidates and the effectiveness of the hiring team is crucial to ensure not only quality talent acquisition but also its subsequent ongoing management. Deeper insights enable hiring managers and recruiters to be more prescriptive in making hiring decisions.


Engagement is the new battle cry, with a focus on motivating employees so that they can be more engaged with their enterprise, their work and their peers, and also on encouraging the use of collaboration capabilities to make it easier for people to work together and reinforce good behaviors.

Work processes are becoming less isolated and more horizontal. For example, collaboration technology has to be integrated across all the tasks that people engage in together, so that interacting with someone does not interrupt another process. Video is one of the modalities that is having a dramatic impact on engagement overall.

This research note is not intended to be a complete list of vendors in the Talent Management market. Rather, it highlights vendors with interesting, cutting-edge products, services or technologies. For 2015, we highlight three Hot Vendors in Talent Management that represent where the market is headed.

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Note: This research note is part of Aragon’s archived research.