Innovation at Polycom: New Products Poised to Disrupt UCC Market

Author: David Mario Smith, Jim Lundy
Date: November 23, 2015
Topic: Collaboration, UCC
Research Note Number: 2015-44

Issue: How will the UCC Market evolve?
Issue: How will the Collaboration providers evolve?

Summary: Polycom’s new visual collaboration offerings mark an innovative approach to people-centric collaboration that sets them up to be an even more formidable competitor in the enterprise.

On 7 October 2015, Polycom announced five new collaboration offerings: RealPresence Trio, RealPresence Centro, RealPresence Debut, RealPresence Medialign, and Polycom Concierge, along with a new strategic focus on enterprise collaboration.

Polycom is not the same company they were two years ago. Their new offerings have the potential to change the workplace and improve how people collaborate. Traditional collaboration players are in danger of becoming irrelevant and obsolete as market dynamics change. While Polycom has been a leader in video conferencing, the fast pace of the changing enterprise collaboration market is challenging to keep up with. To compete in this market requires a focus on innovation that places how people work at the forefront. This Research Note analyzes Polycom’s new offerings and the impact they will have in the market and on Polycom.

Note: This research note is part of Aragon’s archived research.
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