Predictions for the Digital Workplace, 2016: Workplace Success Hinges on Smarter, Mobile and Interactive Apps

Author: Jim Lundy, David Mario Smith                                             Date: December 29th, 2015
Topic: Digital Workplace                                                               Research Note Number: 2015-53

Issue: What are the key trends in the Digital Workplace?

Summary: The workplace is changing due to smarter software applications that will emerge online over the next five years. Enterprises need to leverage new classes of applications to drive productivity and business performance.


The growth of mobility is unprecedented and in 2016, we expect business professionals to have a renewed focus on harnessing mobile in the workplace.  Mobile apps, which are outcome-focused, will transform the way work gets done in the future. The Workplace will also become smarter as tools beginning to have embedded machine learning to make them predictive. This Research Note overviews seven key predictions for the Digital Workplace.

In a Mobile first scenario, a tablet running a task-oriented app becomes a virtual dedicated machine, optimized for a specific business process. These apps can integrate cloud services that combine real-time collaboration and access to content. This is an actual scenario that enterprises are seeking out for sales and service professionals.

Knowledge workers themselves are constantly on the lookout for new apps that help them get ahead and get their jobs done. The “bring your own app” phenomenon is both a cause and effect of employees bypassing IT to be their own IT resources. Enterprises recognize that some of these apps can enhance worker productivity. Also, many cloud-based services are now offered in the form of mobile apps. Overall, mobile devices and apps are not toys; they are an important venue for new enterprise functionality and an enabler of improved competitiveness.

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