Special Report: Aragon Research Hot Vendors for 2016 (Part IV)

aragon research hot vendor

Each year, Aragon Research selects Hot Vendors across multiple markets that are doing something truly new or different. They may have new technology that expands capabilities, a new strategy that opens up markets, or just a new way of doing business that makes them worth evaluating.

Part IV of our Hot Vendors Special Report for 2016 includes Hot Vendors in Talent Management, Unified Communications and Collaboration, and Audio Conferencing.


Hot Vendors in Talent Management, 2016

The converging forces of predictive analytics, mobile first user experiences, and the need to manage the workforce in a more complete digital manner are redefining the Talent Management market. In this research note, we discuss some of the key trends in Talent Management and identify four Hot Vendors.

Brazen     Entelo     Jellyvision    The Muse

Hot Vendors in Unified Communications and Collaboration, 2016

Legacy applications and analog processes are no longer delivering the outcomes that business users want in the Digital Era. More than anything, enterprises are seeking better and faster communications and collaboration tools. Today, it is an imperative to be able to offer voice, video, and mobile messaging as key capabilities that are interconnected. This Research Note identifies four Unified Communications and Collaboration providers that are making a difference.

Fuze     IR.com     Utelogy     Yorktel

Hot Vendors in Audio Conferencing, 2016

Moving faster as a digital business means communicating faster and more efficiently. Although voice is still one of the dominant forms of communication, the challenge for enterprises is that voice-based conference-calling services can eat up a large part of the telecommunications budget. New players are challenging that approach. This research note identifies two emerging Hot Vendors in Audio Conferencing.

DialPad/UberConference     FreeConferenceCall.com