Worldwide Digital Labor 2020-2026 Forecast

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The market for digital labor expanded significantly in 2020 as Enterprises identified new ways to deploy intelligent chatbots and virtual agents into their business processes to optimize workflows. The continuing evolution of AI in both Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning have enabled virtual agents to be foundationally trained from large content specific data sources and continue to learn through repeated interactions with humans.

Adoption worldwide is growing rapidly with North America and Western Europe seeing the largest market share and Asia Pacific seeing the highest growth.

  • There is a plethora of vendors in the digital labor market with some focused on specific use cases within unique vertical markets and others providing more generalized solutions spanning many verticals.
  • If “trained” properly, AI enabled virtual agents can become subject matter experts to either assist human agents with guidance or interact directly with their human clients.

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Topic: Digital Labor
Issue: How will the digital labor market evolve?
Forecast Note Number: 2021-F05

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Craig Kennedy

Craig Kennedy, Sr Director of Research at Aragon Research