What Is Sales Engagement?

Sales enablement tools have proliferated the digital selling market, and while they have helped sales professionals reach customers in new ways, they have led to massive application overload and workflow interruption. Because of this, Aragon predicted that the fractured sales enablement category would consolidate into the sales engagement market.

Today, some sales enablement providers are now offering a complete digital selling platform—what Aragon calls a sales engagement platform (SEP). SEPs streamline and condense digital selling tools to make it easier for sales teams to generate leads, engage with prospects, and support their customers.

Sales professionals looking to turn missed opportunities into winning numbers will benefit from leveraging a sales engagement platform.


Sales Engagement
Aragon expects the worldwide sales engagement platform market to grow from U.S. $1.57 billion in 2017 to $5.59 billion by 2023.
- Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst
Improve Your Sales Engagement Methods

How to Improve the Sales Process

Sales engagement platforms are fully functional digital work hubs that feature several key capabilities including advanced content analytics, task automation, facilitation of communications, and automatic logging of calls, email, and engagement. Combined, these features enable faster outcomes and promote a stronger sales pipeline.

We help our customers address the following sales engagement and strategy questions:

  • Who are the vendors making a difference in sales technology?
  • What criteria should I use to evaluate emerging sales engagement platform providers?
  • How can enterprises prepare for and succeed with a digitally-enabled sales team?

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Sales Enablement: 5 Winning Strategies for 2019

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Customer Revenue Optimization: A Guide For Your Sales Team


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How Can Sales Teams Streamline Their Process?

Sales engagement platforms represent an advanced, role-specific digital work hub by enabling cohesive communication and collaboration, automation capabilities, and faster outcomes for sales teams.

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