Special Report: Being Prepared Means Changing Your Business Model 

Digital business is not primarily a technology issue. It’s about designing and creating business models that start with the customer's context. And due to COVID-19, customer expectations and buying patterns have already changed dramatically. Your customer’s virtual context has become even more critical to address and support in your business model.  To continue to evolve—and thrive—in a post-pandemic world, your organization must ensure it has a fully operational digital business. 

Changing your business model requires taking an outside-in perspective of your business—starting from your customer’s perspective—and then supporting your business with the right digital business platform to support your short- and long-term needs. 

The research in this special report will walk you through Aragon’s definition of digital business platforms, how to choose the right one(s) for your enterprise, and how digital labor is changing the identity of digital business. 

Special Report Being Prepared Means Changing Your Business Model
Market Definition for DBPs Special Report

A digital business platform (DBP) is a highly dynamic integration hub that coordinates goal-directed work and supports interactions between people, software, and machines in a most intelligent manner. In this research note, learn how Aragon defines a DBP and how to understand the DBP market.

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Decision Framework DBPs Special Report

Many organizations face the challenge of determining how to best support a digital business platform and whether it is better to use a cloud-based SaaS, use in-house resources, or leverage a hybrid cloud architecture. Use this research note to determine which approach is best for your enterprise goals.

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DBP Globe 2020 Special Report

Digital business platforms provide very different capabilities in terms of customization, integration, enhancement, and services. Use this report to understand the major providers in the market and which vendors will best support your business model and strategy.

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Are You Read to Manage Digital Labor Special Report

The next phase of supporting your digital business will be learning how to manage humans, AI-enabled systems, and traditional IT systems in a hybrid workplace—aka digital labor. The demand for digital labor will surge due to restrictions placed upon businesses during the pandemic, and the changes that arise now will likely become part of our new normal. Use this research note to begin forming your specific plan to manage AI systems in conjunction with human workers.

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