Understanding The Impact of OpenAI Developer Day, 2023

Understanding The Impact of OpenAI Developer Day, 2023

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OpenAI recently revealed a suite of new services geared towards supporting enterprise users at its 2023 developer conference.

In this Research Note, we explore the state of generative AI in the enterprise open the door to a future of more configurable, enterprise-ready generative AI applications.


OpenAI’s first developer conference was held on November 6th, 2023. While the conference contained a number of major and transformative announcements, it soon fell out of the news cycle, displaced by OpenAI’s own internal C-Suite shakeup and executive drama. This Aragon Research Event Note puts the focus back on the concrete announcements made at OpenAI’s developer day, taking a special look at the news most relevant for business leaders.

While ChatGPT is arguably a consumer-oriented tool, it has received extensive informal adoption in the global business workplace since its inception. Aragon has already spoken at length about the fact that even when business and IT leaders do not explicitly adopt generative AI, they will often find that their knowledge workers have resorted to using it to boost their productivity.

Business and Technology leaders need to determine their future state and business need for generative AI, and not just use it because people are adopting it and bringing it into the business. Moreover, they need to understand that if their workers are leveraging generative AI—either by executive directive or by their own choice—there is a world of difference between using tools out-of-the box with minimal onboarding, and using tools that have been tailored to a business’s needs.

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Topic: Generative AI
Issues: What can enterprises learn from the 2023 OpenAI developer conference?
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