Worldwide Enterprise Security 2020-2026 Forecast

Examine how the enterprise security market will evolve.

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The market for enterprise security expanded significantly in 2020 with the Americas making up over half of the market followed by EMEA and then APAC.


Enterprise security has traditionally been viewed as a necessary cost center managed by IT to identify and react to cybersecurity threats affecting enterprises. In recent years this perception has evolved to where enterprise security is now recognized as an essential business enabler. Enterprise software security capabilities are being assessed during sales cycles which have led organizations to understand the value in taking a proactive approach to securing their enterprise and attaining security certifications as proof of their adherence to industry standard best practices.

Enterprise security software is increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to identify potential cybersecurity threats. AI is very good at identifying patterns in large volumes of data as well as identifying unexpected changes in these patterns. There are a growing number of security software products running deep machine learning algorithms against data collected from network and system logs as well as inspecting the memory footprints of active running processes.

Enterprise security software is getting far more sophisticated than the simplistic signature matching tools of the recent past. This is crucial since bad actors are also becoming more sophisticated and leveraging AI in their attacks on enterprise systems. To combat this increasing sophistication by hackers, many of the current enterprise security software offerings are using advanced AI techniques to quickly identify and remediate threats.

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Topic: Enterprise Security
Issue: How will the enterprise security market evolve?
Research Note Number: 2021-F15

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