Aragon Research Business Architecture Framework 2022

Using business architecture to guide strategic and tactical investment decisions

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Key Takeaways:

  • Business architecture has evolved from an afterthought part of enterprise technology architecture to leading strategic thinking and planning.
  • Business architects must create deliverables with a specific issue/question and audience in mind, and then use the communications mechanism that best addresses their questions.
  • Business architects must always start with the future state first. Otherwise, they risk limiting their future-state vision and thinking based on their current state (good, bad, or ugly).
  • For organizations seeking to evolve, grow and transform their business, supporting business architecture is not an option; it is a requirement.


Business Architecture continues to be one of the last defined components of most of the common enterprise architecture (EA) frameworks (TOGAF, Zackman, etc.). This is not a surprise, since EA started as an IT discipline focused on reconciling and managing organizations’ technology-centric capabilities (e.g., information/data, applications, hardware and software infrastructure, networking, security, etc.). And in fact, still today, the most common EA framework supports business architecture as an afterthought. The challenge is that today, everything about business is also about technology, and everything about technology is also about business.

Research Note Details

Topic: Business Architecture
Issue: How do organizations use business architecture to guide strategic and tactical investment decisions?
Research Note Number: 2022-17

Length: 9 pages
File Size: 1.5 MB
File Type: Portable Document Format (PDF)
Language: English
Publisher: Aragon Research

betsy burton

Betsy Burton, VP of Research and Aragon Fellow

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