Blockchain Wars: R3 Corda vs. Ethereum and Hyperledger

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Blockchain is a distributed shared ledger that allows entities to participate in transactions in the network. Blockchain enables public or private networks in which entities are familiar and transaction histories are maintained. We expect that over time, leading digital transaction management and digital business platform providers will leverage private blockchain for identity when multi-parties are present.

Today, enterprises need to decide on which private blockchain to develop their applications on. This is because private blockchain networks are quickly gaining more favor because participants inside the network must be given permission to participate. In this research note, we evaluate Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Corda, three of the emerging choices, and examine how to find the best provider for your enterprise needs.

Research Note Details

Topics: Blockchain, Digital Transaction Management
IssueHow will blockchain impact digital transaction management?
Research Note Number: 2019-10
Length: 11 pages
File Size: 418 KB
File Type: Portable Document Format (PDF)
Language: English
Publisher: Aragon Research
Author: Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst