Digital Business Transformation Will Drive the Need for Digital Ethicists

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Almost every week, we hear about another organization facing increasingly complex myriad of ethical questions, from deepfake videos to sources for on-line advertising to government requests for citizen data. However, the majority of executive leaders don’t have either the training or the focus to be able to address these issues. In this note, we explore the rising need for digital ethicist, and how they are distinct and differentiated from other roles in your organization.

The continued growth and adoption of AI, predictive analytics, robotics, and digital business is giving rise to an entire new set of ethical dilemmas for many organizations. While organizations have always faced ethical dilemmas in the past, emerging technologies are exacerbating and magnifying these challenges. To help understand and address these challenges, organizations will need to employ or retain the services of a digital ethicist to help them weigh the morality of decisions, as well as the costs and benefits.


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Topic: Digital Business Architecture
Issues: How do organizations ensure they are delivering high value digital business solutions?
Research Note Number: 2019-38

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Publisher: Aragon Research

Betsy Burton

Betsy Burton, VP Research and Aragon Fellow