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Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems guidance solutions are an emerging class of AI-based applications, tailored to specific markets. Some requirements for the USN Sea Hunter (naval guidance), for example, are shared by unmanned aircraft and automobiles, but each category also has unique considerations. While controlling the altitude on an aircraft system is a matter of life and death, monitoring the altitude of a self-driving auto may cause some recalibration of the fuel system. All require some form of visual input, ranging from machine vision to video search and analytics.

The most common technology that is shared in autonomous systems today is Machine Learning or Deep Learning, but different applications may need different ML approaches. An unmanned helicopter, for example, is likely to use reinforcement learning, which relies on performance feedback during training, while an automobile (operating in a relative 2-dimensional world while avoiding 3 dimensional objects) may be better developed using supervised learning.

Representative Vendors: Cisco, Delphi, Google, Leidos Maritime Systems, Mobileye, and QNX Software Systems.