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Video Magnification

Video magnification is the ability to zoom in on a video image to show things that the human eye cannot normally detect. It is based on work conducted at MIT and has been referred to as Eulerian Video Magnification (EVM). For videos of people, changes in skin color due to temperature changes can often be detected. This shows up in the video image as a slightly redder image of the person's face, arm, or body, due to blood circulation.

There are several current approaches to video magnification and many have not yet reached commercial deployment. Dynamic Video Motion Magnification (DVMAG) is a proposed enhancement on top of the Eulerian algorithm. It allows for minute magnification of a video scene within the context of a larger image.

Video magnification has the potential to transform the monitoring of people and see very small motions that the human eye cannot. This makes it ideal for surveillance and other applications, such as monitoring infants and older adults.

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