Author:  Jim Lundy
Date: December 7, 2015
Topic: HCM and Talent Management
Research Note Number: 2015-45

Issue: What are the key trends in HCM and Talent Management?

Summary: HCM and Talent Management Software Suites are giving way to HCM Platforms that will enable easier integration of third party software applications. This model, popular in CRM, is the new way forward.


Software models are in flux. This is due in part to the fact that with cloud technology, APIs, and integration, more software applications can be integrated faster than ever before. The rise of the platform is transforming Human Capital Management. This research note examines the benefits to enterprises of evaluating a platform approach versus a single vendor.

Software Suites

The prevailing approach in software has been to compete at a product and feature level to win business from prospective customers, while the prevailing model in a majority of markets has been to add modules to an existing product and call it a Suite. The Software Suite Market model has worked well in the HCM market. However, while the platform model is not new, with Cloud Technology becoming more mature, more providers will be offering Platforms.

While HCM Suites have only been around for a few years, they have become an in-demand offering. Each Suite often has a core base model, which served as the origin of the offering.

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