How to Hire an AI Architect?

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How to Hire an AI Architect

An AI architect is a specialized, uber solution architect. They need to be able to understand AI development, AI architectures, data sources, governance and quality, interoperability, cloud architectures, security, etc. And they need to be able to work across teams to bring in specialists as needed. They need to be able to look across systems to understand how your business is leveraging AI in different areas, and especially what information/data sources they are using. An AI architect must be able to work with cloud and cloud application providers to understand exactly how they are using AI.


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AI Architecture Role

AI Resources and Research


You Need an AI Architect Now

The primary reason you need an AI architect now, is because AI is quickly becoming a pervasive way for developing solutions. Almost every tool, application, app and solution have some AI capabilities, and this trend will only continue – and will be the same for on-prem and for cloud-based systems.


Business Transformation: Common EA and Business Architecture Questions

Over the past 2 years, we have produced research notes and webinars on business transformation. One of the popular themes is the role that EA leaders and business architects can enable this transformation. Here we discuss common questions we hear from clients about the role of EAs.


How Is an AI Architect Different From a Solution or Application Architect?

Adopting AI-based solutions requires outside-in customer, user, and business thinking; not inside-out technology first thinking. Adopting AI requires a business and future-focused architect to help guide the integration of people, process, information, solutions and AI


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Betsy Burton, Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow, is a seasoned AI architecture expert at Aragon Research. With a career spanning over three decades, Betsy has been a guiding force for numerous organizations in the public and private sectors. Her expertise lies in technology-enabled business strategies, business architecture, digital business transformation, enterprise architecture, and business capability modeling. Joining Aragon Research in 2019, Betsy is recognized for her profound knowledge in AI tools, strategies, and trends, making her an invaluable resource for Chief AI Officers, CIOs, and executives seeking informed guidance in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence.

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