Keeping Employees Engaged Through COVID-19 In 2021

2021 is here, and many hoped it would be the end of COVID-19. While vaccines are being distributed across the world, doses aren't being distributed fast enough to combat the increasing surges. To complicate matters even more, there's also vaccine hesitancy, even among healthcare workers. As of now, the return to normal is still far off.

With a culture of uncertainty persisting, and remote work being here to stay, employee engagement, morale, and productivity are being impacted. Organizations need new tools and methods to keep up with employee engagement during the trying times of 2021 and beyond.

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The resources below are there to help you through all stages where employee engagement is key: onboarding, learning & training, support, and productivity.

New Hires & Onboarding

OnboardingThe onboarding process is the start of, and key to, your overall employee engagement strategy. An effective onboarding process will help new hires not only better understand their role and tasks, but also make them feel more valued. Both of these things lead to increased productivity and performance, which is all part of increased employee engagement.

Learning & Training

TrainingLearning and training is crucial for employee engagement. It starts at the onboarding process, but should extend throughout the employee's entire time at your organization. In the digital era, and now with remote work taking over, new tools and technologies are emerging for digital learning and training, and it's important to utilize the right ones.


SupportSupport is another vital piece of a well-rounded employee engagement strategy. Employees must feel supported and protected in order to be satisfied, engaged, and well-performing. Do you offer enough resources to your employees to make them feel supported?


ProductivityExpecting your employees to perform well and be engaged means providing them with the tools and technologies to do so. With so many employees working from home, you must provide them with ways to effectively communicate, collaborate, and get work done from anywhere. The resources below will help you navigate the many important technology markets and associated vendors.

Need help with your employee engagement strategy for 2021, specific to your business? We can help.

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