The Smart City Imperative: Opportunities for Action in 2018

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Modern analytics and Artificial Intelligence technologies, which are fueled by data from ubiquitous sensors that monitor Internet of Things (IoT)-connected devices, can enable agencies (government systems) to face the challenges and exploit the opportunities by anticipating, sensing, and responding to changing conditions, and in some cases, by preventing events based on continuously updated data and behavior models.

Many of the same Predictive Analytics and modern Artificial Intelligence technologies that are being adopted by Intelligent Enterprises - to speed up business processes, predict outcomes, create more engaging and personalized customer interactions, and ultimately to recommend the best approach to take when evaluating a business problem – can also be applied to City governance. 








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Topic: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT)
IssueHow & why cities are getting smarter

Issue: How will IoT provide insight into activities in urban areas?

Research Note Number: 2017-38
Length: 12 pages
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File Type: Portable Document Format (PDF)
Language: English
Publisher: Aragon Research

Adrian Bowles
Adrian Bowles, VP of Research and Lead Analyst