Special Report: Aragon Research Hot Vendors for 2023 Part II

Special Report: Aragon Research Hot Vendors for 2023 Part II


Part II of Aragon Research’s Hot Vendors for 2023 recognizes noteworthy, visionary, and innovative vendors in three markets: Co-Marketing Clouds (CMCs), Digital Transaction Management (DTM), and Internet of Things (IOT).

Hot Vendors in CoMarketing Clouds, 2023

This year, Aragon Research identified a new category of enterprise technology known as CoMarketing Clouds (CMCs). These rising platforms empower marketing departments by seamlessly integrating data from diverse channels. Subsequently, they harness the power of artificial intelligence to automate fundamental marketing operations that previously demanded dedicated teams for execution.

Aragon has identified three vendors in Co-Marketing Clouds that are making an impact in the market: 

Jasper    |    SOCi   |    Zingly


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Hot Vendors in Digital Transaction Management, 2023

Amid returning to physical spaces or embracing hybrid work models, digital transformation is now imperative. Many enterprises turn to Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platforms for streamlined form processing and signature workflows, aiming to create personalized, user-centric journeys. Aragon highlights trends in DTM, from low-code to Generative AI, reshaping service offerings. As AI permeates the enterprise tech landscape, intelligent automation opportunities abound in digital transaction management, with emerging tools like conversational interfaces and DTM copilots expediting digitization.

Aragon has identified two Digital Transaction Management vendors that are making an impact in the market:

EasySend   |    RPost  


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Hot Vendors in Internet of Things (IOT), 2023

In the span of the last six years, the Internet of Things (IoT) domain has undergone substantial maturation, shifting from a primarily consumer-focused realm to an epoch marked by Multi-Cloud ecosystems, Edge Computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Within this context, IoT Platforms now possess the capability to effectively assess, forecast, and adapt to dynamic conditions spanning various sectors. This evolution has steered the IoT platform market towards a focus on operational excellence, notably underscored by real-time monitoring and asset management, which has manifested in the tangible realization of predictive analytics.

Aragon has identified three Internet of Things vendors that are making an impact in the market:

Borda    |    Clearblade  |    SensorUp


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