The Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Artificial Intelligence, 2021

What are the macrotrends impacting the adoption of AI? 

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Aragon Research introduces its 2021 Technology Arc™ for Artificial Intelligence. AI is becoming transformational across many markets as more and more technologies are embracing intelligence. This edition features 27 technology and market profiles that are split between the emerging, adopting, and mature arcs.


Aragon just released its forecast for the overall enterprise software market where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quietly entered nearly every market and is in various stages of maturity in each of these markets. Today, for the real-time digital enterprise, AI is the primary catalyst for their digital transformation. AI to business has become the new opportunity and the new challenge. The reality is that AI can help speed up the process of understanding current information, taking in large amounts of information and making recommendations that can speed up business processes. AI is changing the way the world does business in sales, marketing, ERP, CRM, and more. One of the biggest opportunities in almost every market is leveraging the use of Computer vision to gain real-time business insights across many industries. Graphics processing units (GPUs) and neural processing units (NPUs) have been used in mobile phones and tablets for some time to process images and the same transformation is underway for server and endpoint architectures. This makes these devices capable of processing AI-based applications faster at the edge as well as in the cloud. These hardware innovations have enabled new opportunities for AI that just weren’t possible in the past.


Research Note Details

Topic: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Issue: What are the macrotrends impacting the adoption of AI?
Research Note Number: 2021-42

Length: 25 pages
File Size:  1.5 MB
File Type: Portable Document Format (PDF)
Language: English
Publisher: Aragon Research


Craig Kennedy, Sr. Director of Research

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