The Rise of Global Mobility Management – From Simple Relocation to Evidence-Based Talent Management

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Today, enterprises are faced with the reality of a global economy, where countries are connected by the Internet and transcend traditional borders. The complementary searches for talent and opportunities do not stop at state or national borders, and this is where mobile recruiting constraints, including cost, complexity, compliance, and cultural issues, come into play. Traditional Services approaches to managing Global Talent are becoming outdated as speed, flexibility, and real-time analytics become critical to competing. This research note introduces Global Mobility Management (GMM) as a new type of business application that manages the complete set of processes and data required to identify, justify, and manage the movement of an existing employee or the hiring of an employee who requires relocation. 

Research Note Details

Topics: Global Mobility Management, Talent Management, HR
Issue: How can enterprises use a GMM platform to optimize their hiring and talent management globally?
Publication Date: April 11, 2017
Research Note Number: 2017-14

Length: 27 pages
File Size: 1.9 MB
File Type: Portable Document Format (PDF)
Language: English
Publisher: Aragon Research
Jim Lundy
Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research