Top Ten Foolproof Trailblazing Digital Journeys

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An organization’s Digital Journey is much like attempting to summit a challenging mountaintop with a rare few experienced climbers. We believe that attempting smaller journeys in parallel over time—i.e. mini journeys—will deliver the kind of skills and competencies needed to ascend the peaks of digital. Practicing to reach the various basecamps along the way gives the climbing party the experience they need to carry them further up the digital journey.




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Topic: Digital Business, Digital Transformation, Digital Innovation, Digital Maturity, and Digital Leverage
Issue: What can business and technology professionals do to target, map, and measure their Digital Transformation efforts?
Issue: How should enterprises leverage their digital efforts to increase customer engagement, improve operational effectiveness, and try new business offerings?
Research Note Number: 2017-46

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Aragon Analyst Jim Sinur

Jim Sinur, VP of Research and Aragon Fellow